This week we take a look at three different scary stories for Halloween.

Beheading of Leroy Carter
The body of Leroy Carter was found in a San Francisco park inside of his sleeping bag. His head however was not. Signs pointed to it being an occult killing but police never figured it out.
The whole story

Murder by witchcraft
In 1991 Christoper Case told his friends that he’d met a witch, and that she said she’d put a curse on him, a claim that he didn’t take too seriously. But then within a few weeks he was dead.
Scared to death?

La Pascualita
The corpse bride of Mexico was installed in toe window of the Pascuala wedding shop in Chihuahua Mexico on March 25, 1930, where it remains to this day. However, due to the stunningly human features of the mannequin, rumors continue to circulate that the corpse bride is, in fact, a corpse.
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