Lost treasures

In the early 1970s Tatunca Nara, last Chieftain of the Ugha Mongulala, revealed the existence of his tribe’s greatest secret—the vast city of Akakor, hidden deep in the Amazon jungle. Several have died trying to find the lost city, but no Westerner has yet laid eyes on it. Why could that be?

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Lost treasures

This week Team Sideways tackles three separate mysteries with one common theme: Lost Treasure!

galleon of pearls

Lost Galleon of Pearls
For over several hundred years stories have circulated that a Galleon was stranded in the Salton Sink in Southern California. Native peoples and settlers alike have been claimed to have spotted it. Now that the area is filled with water we may never know if it was truly there.
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poverty island

Poverty Island Treasure
According to legend a vessel smuggling French gold to the Confederates sank in Lake Michigan just off of Poverty Island. For over one hundred years people have claimed to have snagged to treasure just to lose it again at the last minute. Is it real or just a legend?
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lasseters reef

Lasseter’s Reef
Harold Bell Lasseter announced in 1929 that years before he’d stumbled upon a huge deposit of gold in the middle of Australia, and assembled an expedition to go find it again—a journey which Lasseter would not survive. Did Lasseter’s Reef ever really exist?
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