Strange seas

In 1997, in a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean, just west of the southern tip of South America an incredibly powerful ultra-low-frequency noise is picked up by hydrophones monitored by the NOAA. We think sideways in hopes that it will help us to discover the source of this unexplained sound.

Some of Our Research:
Wired’s take
A light version
The Wiki
Some Interesting facts

Military mysteries, Strange seas

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Glomar Explorer

A Cold War mystery, featuring the CIA, Howard Hughes, a sunken Soviet sub and quite possibly a sunken American sub too. With cover stories inside cover stories and weak government explanations for obvious questions, this one is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma zip-locked inside a mystery.

Some of Our Research:
Project Azorian/Jennifer
The moon pool! A drawing
Glomar Explorer complete specs
The Silent War by John Craven