Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to and been downloading the show. We really love and appreciate that you’re doing it and that you like the show enough to share it with other people you know. You have been doing such a great job of spreading the word that we have outgrown our server and have to make some changes. Tomorrow we will be migrating our site, and all of it’s content, to a new server so there is a good chance you won’t be able to connect during that time. Never fear, we will have it all back up as soon as possible. Once the changes are done the download speeds should be better and most of the issues folks have been experiencing streaming the show should be a thing of the past. Thanks for being patient with us as we make this change, we should get our new episode out on Thursday as normal!


Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that you won’t be able to download episodes of our show from iTunes right now, this unfortunately includes the most recent episode. We have had some server issues which required that we move our feed and it takes a day or so for iTunes to catch up. I really apologize for this, if I had realized it was going to cause this much trouble I’d have addressed this earlier in the week. Thanks for hanging in there and we will let you know as soon as everything has been fixed.


Update: 6/6/14
What we have here is a good new/bad news situation. The bad news is that our feed is still not working in iTunes, the good news is that after several phone calls and  hours on hold I found someone there who can help us out. So cross your fingers that the iTunes connection will be back in a day or two!

Update: 6/7/14
So our feed has officially had to be moved, unfortunately that means that anyone who manually subscribed to it will need to subscribe to the new feed instead of the old one. To help simplify this we have added the feed to the sidebar of the website which, if you are reading this on the website, you should see on the upper right hand side of the page. As of now we still don’t have an update on when iTunes will correct it on their end. Thanks everyone for being so patient in during this transition, it’s inconvenient but we’ll get through it.

So it looks like the feed has been fixed so everyone should be able to get the episodes again. If you are still having problems please send us an email. Oh, and you might not have to change your subscription to the feed if you aren’t using iTunes.



A German man exclaims “Now I understand!” to his wife, scrawls an unintelligible word on a piece of paper. Hours later he’s found naked and near death in his wrecked car. Turns out he was injured by being RUN OVER by a car…

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The time has come for the Feline Overlords to show their power. How? By proving that the cast of TSP doesn’t always get it right.

Happy April fools.