Unexplained deaths

tupac and biggie

Tupac Shakur and Christopher George Latore Wallace died just 6 months apart, both under similar mysterious circumstances. Likewise, both had albums released shortly after their deaths which contained references to faking death- to varying degrees of subtly. Did they fake their deaths? Were they offed by the Illuminati? Or is something even more sinister at play?

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Unexplained deaths


On New Years day 1963 the bodies of Dr. Bogle and Mrs. Chandler were found on the bank of the Lane Cove River in Sydney. There were no outward signs of trauma and their cause of death has been speculated on for years. With so many questions about what they were doing there, why were they there, what happened to them, and who knew about it it’s no wonder that this case has held peoples attention for so long.

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Unexplained deaths

Edgar Allan Poe

October 7,1849, is a date many people are well acquainted with. Five days prior, renowned poet Edgar Allan Poe was found delirious and in need of “immediate assistance”. On the 7th, he died. The events leading up to his October 3rd discovery are widely disputed, and Poe himself was never able to explain what had happened to him. His death remains a mystery to this day.

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