Episode list

Below is a list of all of our episodes in chronological order.

DTR: Steve’s Vietnam Excursion
In a change of pace this episode doesn’t feature a mystery; instead it features the team talking about SE Asia. Steve recently returned from a trip there and Team Sideways took the chance to discuss some of the more memorable things from his travels.

DTR: Phantom Ruby Tuesday’s in New Mexico
A story about some guys who got confused on a roadtrip… or did they?

Episode 263-El Chupacabra!
For decades reports of a mysterious cryptid that drank the blood of goats have been circling the globe. Originating in the equatorial region of the Americas stories are now coming in from all across the globe. What is this strange creature, what does it want with our goats, and why does it insist on smoking that cigar?

Episode 262-The suspicious death of Jonathan Luna
Federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna left his office to go on a long solitary midnight drive, and then was discovered dead the following morning, under very suspicious circumstances, many miles from home. What happened to Jonathan Luna?

Episode 261-The Disappearance of little Anna Waters
Anna was 5 years old when she disappeared on a rainy day while playing near the creek behind her house. Though it seems she could have just fallen in and been washed away, divorced parents and stories from her two older brothers seem to suggest something more sinister happened.

Episode 260-Is spontaneous human combustion real?
People keep finding bodies that have been burned to ash while everything around them is left untouched by the flame. Some claim these are cases of spontaneous human combustion, others say something else is going on. Who is right and what’s the deal?

Episode 259-The fate of the ship Freedon
23-year-old Lisa Bishop left Miami for Haiti on an old rusty freighter named the Freedon. Neither Lisa nor the ship were seen again, though there’s some disagreement about the ship.

Episode 258-The missing postman of Stradbally
After attending mass and delivering gifts, Larry Griffin started his normal postal route at noon on Christmas Day, 1929. Despite having attended dinner at two homes and being a guest at many others, no one knows where Larry ended up that night, or any other night since.

Episode 257-Did Frank Finkel survive the Battle of the Little Bighorn?
In 1920 a man living in Washington state claimed to be the only survivor of the famed Battle of the Little Big Horn. Was Frank Finkel there or was he just another one of the many attention seekers who hoped to attach themselves to the story?

Episode 256-Who killed Willie MacRae?
A member of the Scottish National Party and an anti-nuclear activist, William MacRae was found dying in his car after an accident–and later it was discovered that he’d also been shot in the head. Who killed Willie MacRae?

Bonus: DTR-The Witchcraft
Down the Rabbit Hole, a sneak peak at the bonus content available on Stitcher Premium-Daniel Burack was on his boat, the Witchcraft, just offshore from Miami Beach, when he radioed the Coast Guard asking for a tow because of boat trouble. When the Coast Guard arrived 19 minutes later the boat and crew had vanished without a trace.

Episode 255-What happened to Ronald Tammen?
All American Ronald Tammen disappeared without a trace from his dorm room on an abnormally cold night on April, 1953 after finding a dead fish in his bed. Was the fish an unrelated, harmless frat prank? Or did something very sinister happen to Ron that night?

Episode 254-Who was Colonel Tomb?
During the Vietnam War the US military recorded the feats of Vietnamese flying ace Colonel Tomb. However after the war it was discovered that the Vietnamese People’s Air Force had no record of this pilot. Did he exist, and if so who was he?

TSP Live-Ade family murder
Live from CrimeCon 2018: On March 24, 1897 the Ade family was brutally murdered. Accounts conflict but between two to four heads were removed with an axe. Who committed this horrible crime? Team Sideways discusses the case and reviews the theories with the help of their live audience.

Episode 253-The impossible murder of Isador Fink
In March 1929, Isidor Fink was shot to death in his Manhattan apartment. But the doors had been bolted from the inside, the windows nailed shut… and no gun, nor gunman, was there. Who killed Isidor Fink and how the hell did he do it?

Episode 252-Bohemian Grove
Established in 1878, Bohemian Grove is a camp nestled in the Redwoods of California which hosts an annual retreat of over 2,500 highly influential men. With names as big as George H.W. Bush and Henry Kissinger in the ranks, events like the Cremation of Care have spurred conspiracy theories for decades.

Episode 251-The Madden Curse
John Madden Football (now Madden NFL) hit consoles in 1988. The “curse” began when it began featuring players on the cover. Does this game really have the power to destroy players’ careers, or is it just a lot of audibles?

Episode 250-The Annecy Shootings
A British family and a French bicyclist are murdered on a mountain road in the French Alps. Accusations of nuclear espionage and secret stashes of Saddam Hussein’s millions begin to fly. But despite a huge investigation on both sides of the Channel, the murderer, and his motive, remain unknown.

Episode 249-Tunguska Event
On June 30th 1908, 770 square miles of forest in Eastern Siberia were flattened by a massive explosion. 100 years later, we still don’t know what caused it.

Episode 248-What is the Mapinguari?
The native peoples of South America have reported seeing a giant, hair, and bad smelling creature in the Amazon forest for generations. Is this cryptid real or is it just a local legend?

Disappearance of Mike Williams
In December 2000, Jerry “Mike” Williams left his house early to go duck hunting. His boat was found floating on a nearby lake days later, but Mike was never seen again. Happy April Fools.

Episode 247-What happened to Kenny Veach
In October 2014, Kenny Veach posted a video on YouTube about his search for a strange creepy cave he’d found on a hike in the Sheep Mountain Range in Nevada. Not long after that he left to search again–and vanished without a trace. What happened to Kenny Veach?

Episode 246-Disappearance of Brian Shaffer
A guy walks into a bar… and disappears forever. 27 year old Brian Shaffer disappeared from inside the Ugly Tuna Saloona in March 2006. He has never been heard from since.

Episode 245-The Falling Soldier
Robert Capa captured the iconic image of a soldier being shot and killed during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. But was it real or was it staged? Did it happen how he said it did or was it all a fabrication?

Episode 244-The Murder of Catrine de Costa
In 1984 the dismembered, headless remains of Catrine da Costa were discovered in Stockholm, Sweden. Although the case has become one of the most notorious murders in Swedish history, no one has ever been convicted of the crime.

Episode 243-The Disappearance of Amy Billig
March 5th, 1974, 17 year old Amy Billig disappeared while hitchhiking to her father’s office in Coconut Grove, Florida. What has followed is a 44 year search full of false leads and biker gangs.

Episode 242-Death of singer Sam Cooke
Legendary R&B singer Sam Cooke was shot and killed in a seedy hotel in 1964. Was it really a booze-fueled tirade that cost him his life? Or was he set up? Or was it some kind of hit?

Episode 241-Michael Meiring—Treasure Hunter or Terrorist?
In May 2002, in Davao, Philippines, a bomb went off in the hotel room of Michael Meiring, an American treasure hunter. Days later he fled the country–assisted by the FBI, according to the Philippine president. What was he up to? And why was the US government involved?

Episode 240-The Persian Princess
In October 2000, a video surfaced in which a man claimed to have the mummified remains of a Persian Princess. The investigation revealed that not only might the mummy be a forgery, but there might also be a murder in the mix.

Episode 239-The Zip-Gun Bomber
Between 1982 and 1996 five packages were mailed to seemingly unrelated New Yorker’s, each containing a homemade explosive. Who was the bomber and why were these people targeted?

Episode 238-The Campden Wonder
In 17th-century England, three people were hanged for the murder of William Harrison. But, to paraphrase some famous British historians, Harrison wasn’t QUITE dead…

Episode 237-Gareth Williams
When police conducting a welfare check on Gareth Williams discovered his decomposing body in a locked red North Face bag in the bathroom, they ruled it an accidental death. Though this alone is a sufficient mystery, Gareth happened to have been found in a Secret Services safe house. What really happened to Gareth Williams?

Bonus Episode-Pimlico Poisoning Mystery
On January 1st 1886 Thomas Edwin Bartlett was found dead in bed. Doctors discovered chloroform in his stomach and determined it was the cause of death. How did it get there? Did he drink it willingly? Did his wife give it to him? Did her lover? To this day no one knows.

Episode 236-Miracle of the Sun
On September 13, 1917 a crowd gathered in Fatima Portugal to witness a predicted miracle. They said they saw  the sun changing colors, dancing in the sky, and heating the area so quickly that the rain that had just fallen dried up. Did they really see this or did they just wish they had?

Episode 235-The Murder of Bob Chappell
Bob Chappell disappeared off his sailboat in Tasmania in 2009, and his wife went to prison for murder. But did she really do it? A lot of people have their doubts.

Episode 234-Operation Highjump
Operation Highjump was one of 11 official expositions the US embarked upon to Antarctica. However, due to the proximity to the end of WWII and some odd comments by the Commander in Charge, some people think there is more behind this mission than publicly stated.

The Bumble
Continuing the holiday tradition Team Sideways talks about the villainous character from many holiday stories known across the world as the Bumble, aka the Abominable Snowman. Was he real, was he fake, was he simply a patsy?

Episode 233-TWA Flight 800
On July 17th 1996 TWA Flight 800 exploded. The official cause was an electrical issue in a fuel tank but this doesn’t line up with what witnesses say they saw just before the explosion. Was TWA Flight 800 intentionally downed or was it truly an accident?

Episode 232-The Secret of Plum Island
Shrouded in secrecy, the heavily-guarded government research center on Plum Island, off the US east coast, is suspected to be the origin of Lyme Disease, genetic aberrations like the hideous Montauk Monster, and more. What’s going on on Plum Island?

Episode 231-Lyle Stevik
Lyle Stevik hung himself in September 2001. When police discovered that there was no such person, a massive mystery that has captivated the internet began. As of 2017, Lyle’s true identity, and reason for suicide, remain a mystery.

Episode 230-Vitrified Forts
Primarily found in Scotland ancient forts have been located where the rock walls have been exposed to enough heat to melt it into a glass state and fuse the individual pieces together. How did our ancestors do this and more importantly why?

Episode 229-Death of Col. Philip Shue
In 2003, Philip Shue’s car crashed in Texas, fatally injuring him. But his body showed signs of torture and mutilation, and despite an initial ruling of suicide, many believe he was murdered.

Episode 228-Disappearance of Stephanie Stewart
18 year veteran fire watcher Stephanie Stewart disappeared from her post just outside of Alberta, Canada in 2006. In 2010, a couple was murdered just miles away. Is there a connection, or is Stewart’s disappearance as mysterious as it seems?

Episode 227-Kentucky Meat Shower
On March 3, 1876 a strange meat-like substance rained from the sky for several minutes over a home in Olympian Springs Kentucky. No one knows what the material was or more importantly where it came from.

Episode 226-Disappearance of Jim Gray
In 2007 computer guru Jim Gray left San Francisco Bay in his sailboat for a day trip. He never returned, and despite one of the most comprehensive sea searches in history, no trace of him was ever found.

Episode 225-Halloween Extravaganza
This week we take a look at three different scary stories for Halloween; the murder of Leroy Carter, the strange death of Christopher Case, and La Pascualita.

Episode 224-What the heck was hell dot com?
From 1995 to 2009, hell.com was, well, a “private parallel web”, a members only, invite only website. Was what lay behind the member’s login as described, or something more sinister?

Episode 223-Miyazawa Family Murders
On December 30th 2000 an unknown suspect entered the Miyazawa home and murdered the entire family. The suspect stayed in the home for up to 10 hours before finally leaving. Hardly anything was take from the home so what motivated the killings?

Episode 222-The London Torso Murders
In 1887-89, around the time that Jack the Ripper was terrorizing London, another serial killer was committing some even more horrifying murders. For some reason, Jack is the only one who’s remembered.

Episode 221-Death of George Reeves
On June 16, 1959, TV’s Superman George Reeves was found dead by gunshot wound to the head. While police ruled it an immediate suicide, there are many who still believe he was murdered.

Episode 220-Rebecca Zahau, suicide or murder?
Officially Rebecca Zahau committed suicide on July 13th, 2011. A strange a cryptic message was painted at the scene and her hands and feet were bound using intricate knots. Did this woman truly take her life in a complex and well-planned way, or did someone stage it to look that?

Episode 219-The Strange Death of Zigmund Adamski
Zigmund Adamski left his home in Tingley, England on June 6, 1980, and never returned. His lifeless body was found 5 days later in a village 20 miles away–and that’s when things started to get strange.

Episode 218-The Disappearance of Lauren Spierer
In June of 2011, 20-year-old Lauren Spierer left her apartment in Bloomington, Indiana for a night of partying. At 4:30am she left a friend’s house to look for her cell phone, and to this day remains missing.

Episode 217-Baron 52
On February 5th 1973 a US EC-47 crashed into the jungles of Laos while eavesdropping on the North Vietnamese army. Only 4 of the 8 crew members were accounted for in the wreckage. Did the others die in the crash or did they manage to bail out and if so what happened to them?

Episode 216-Cartoon Conspiracies
This week Team Sideways tackles conspiracy theories based in our favorite childhood cartoons.

Episode 215-Harassing of Bill and Dorothy Wacker
For years the Wackers, an elderly Ohio couple, were harassed by an unknown person. Who was their tormentor, and why did he pursue them?

Episode 214-Publius Enigma
In June of 1994, a cryptic message was posted to a Usenet board for Pink Floyd fans. What followed has been more than 23 years of investigation into this mysterious puzzle.

Episode 213 Bonus-Christine Pelisek Interview
Following up on our episode about the Daytona Beach Serial Killer, we’re releasing the rest of our conversation with Christine Pelisek, author of The Grim Sleeper, The lost women of South Central. Christine spent many years chasing the case of the man she dubbed The Grim Sleeper who’s identity would eventually be discovered as that of Lonnie David Franklin Jr. He had been killing women in South Central for years then suddenly took a 14 year break. Why did he do it? Did he really stop? We ask Christine these and other questions.

Episode 213-Daytona Beach Serial Killer
Between December 2005 and February 2006 the bodies of three women were found shot in the head. Two years later another body was found with matching circumstances. Who is killing these women and where did he go? We speak with Christine Pelisek about this and a similar case.

Episode 212-Villisca Axe Murders
In June 1912 eight people were brutally murdered in their beds in a home in Villisca, Iowa. Despite a long list of suspects and a massive police investigation, one of the most heinous crimes in American history has never been solved.

Episode 211-The Strange Death of Dave Bocks
In 1984 Dave Bocks, a pipe fitter at a uranium processing factory, disappeared while working the graveyard shift, and days later his remains were found inside a uranium furnace. An accident? Suicide? Or… Murder…?

Episode 210-Princess Doe
On July 15, 1982, a grave digger found the battered body of a teenage girl on the grounds. Despite DNA analysis and the confession of a married couple, Princess Doe has never been identified.

Episode 209-Project Lucifer
There is a supposed plan to transform one of the gas giants in our solar systems into a second sun. Is it possible, how would it happen, and why do it?

TSP Live-Clarence Roberts
Live from CrimeCon: Clarence Roberts tragically died in a fire on November 18th, 1970. 10 years later he tragically died in a second fire. How could he have died in both fires? If he died in the first fire then who died in the second fire? Team Sideways digs into the case in a live recording held at CrimeCon in Indianapolis, Indiana this June.

Episode 208-Tina Watson
Tina Watson drowned while scuba diving in Australia on her honeymoon. An accident? Or… murder?

Episode 207-Mr. Cruel
Over the span of 3 years, Mr. Cruel is credited with 4 pedophilic attacks on young girls. Dozens more attacks are loosely connected to him, so why hasn’t he been caught? His meticulous planning and total lack of forensic evidence.

Episode 206-Texas Killing Fields
Young women’s bodies have been showing up along interstate 45 between Houston and Galveston Texas since the early 70’s. Who is killing them? Is it just one person or is this the dumping grounds for several killers?

Episode 205-Murder on the Herbert Fuller
In July 1896, three people were brutally murdered aboard the sailing ship Herbert Fuller, leaving the survivors far from home, in the middle of a vast ocean, and wondering: who is the killer among us?

Episode 204-Karin Catherine Waldegrave
In April 2010, a Facebook account named Karin Catherine Waldegrave (Von Berg Habsburg) appeared and started posting mysteriously prolific posts, only to be removed a year later. What were these posts about? And was Karin even real?

Episode 203-Washington’s Eagle
In 1836 John Audubon included the Washington Eagle in his book The Birds of America. Initially accepted as a new species of eagle critics began questioning the claim when they couldn’t find the bird in the natural world themselves. Was it real or did Audubon make it up?

Episode 202-Kryptos
Unveiled in November 1990, Kryptos has baffled cryptographers for almost three decades, with two of its five messages still unbroken, and a promise of further mysteries after the last message is decrypted. What’s the final answer to Kryptos? Nobody even knows the question yet.

Episode 201-Pluckley Ghosts
With over 18 distinct entities, Pluckley was once in the Guinness Book of World records as the most haunted village in the UK. Is it really haunted? Is there another explanation for the experiences that people report? We bring in an expert to help figure it out.

Episode 200-Richey Edwards
On February 1, 1995, Richey Edwards was supposed to leave on a promotional tour in America for his band the Manic Street Preachers. Richey didn’t get on the plane, he was sighted several times locally over the course of two weeks before his car was found abandoned. Richey was never officially seen again and no body has ever been found.

Episode 199-Monster of Florence
A series of murders of young couples terrorized the Italian city of Florence in the early 1980s. The last murder was in 1985–but the real craziness was only just beginning.

Episode 198-GhostNet
In June 2008, a representative of the Dalai Lama approached an investigator from InfoWar Monitor in Geneva to request an investigation- they were sure that someone was spying on their computers. What investigators found was far more wide reaching than anyone could have guessed.

Episode 197-Moorgate Tube Crash
On February 28, 1976 a London Underground train barreled through Moorgate station and slammed into the end of the tunnel. Why? Was it driver error or a mechanical failure or something else?

Goat Blood Soup
Having run out of mysteries, the team takes on the task they’ve always discussed: a cooking show! They start with a Choopie favorite, Goat Blood Soup! (PS, happy April fools!)

Episode 196-Death of Hugues de la Plaza
In June 2007 Hugues de la Plaza was found stabbed to death in his San Francisco apartment, doors locked from the inside, weapon missing. Police consider the cause of death to be unknown, but his family and friends think otherwise. Who murdered Hugues, and why?

Episode 195-Death of Mary Anderson
In 1996, a woman named Mary Anderson paid cash for two nights in a hotel in Seattle. Three days later, when she didn’t check out, hotel staff found her peacefully dead by apparent suicide. Problem is, Mary Anderson doesn’t exist.

Episode 194-Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
In 1987 a 7 to 8 foot tall reptilian creature was sighted for the first time in Scape Ore Swamp in South Carolina. Since then many people have claimed to have seen the Lizard Man and even charged it with damaging their property. Is it real or not?

Episode 193-Bennington Triangle
A man vanishes from a bus; a college student sets out on a mountain trail and is never seen again… plus some others, and all in a small geographical area. Something’s going on…

Episode 192-The Grimes Sisters
It’s every parents worst nightmare, a missing child. Multiply it by two, and make it a few days after Christmas in 1956, and you have the mysterious disappearance of the Grimes sisters. When their bodies showed up on the side of a road, the questions just got bigger.

Episode 191-The murders of Mary Morris
On October 12th, 2000 Mary Morris was killed with no apparent motive and her body burned in her car. Three days later Mary Morris was abducted, beaten, and shot in the head in her car with possible motives. Did Mary Morris die because a killer picked the wrong Mary Morris or were the deaths really unrelated?

Episode 190-Argo 16
In November 1973 a secret spy plane, code-named Argo 16, crashed just after takeoff from Venice airport in Italy, killing its crew. Despite an initial conclusion of pilot error, allegations of more sinister causes have refused to go away, and to this day the actual cause of the crash is a mystery.

Episode 189-Indiana Dunes disappearance
In 1966, three young women were enjoying a day at the Indiana Dunes State park, then mysteriously vanished. Did they drown or was something more sinister at play?

Episode 188-Archambeau-Bruguier disappearance
On December 12th, 1992 Arnold Archambeau and Ruby Bruguier were involved in a car accident. For some unknown reason they both left the scene. Police searched the area but found nothing, three months later Arnold and Ruby’s bodies were found in the ditch just 75 feet away. Where had they been that whole time?

Episode 187-The Witchcraft Murder
In February 1945 farm worker Charlie Walton was brutally murdered in the tiny English village of Lower Quinton. And the manner of the killing suggested something more than just murder…

Episode 186-Markovian Parallax Denigrate
In the 1990s, a pre-internet called Usenet developed a bit of a spam problem. Hundreds of messages titled Markovian Parallax Denigrate were posted over the course of one day, but decades later something more interesting was discovered about them.

Episode 185-Harold Holt disappearance
On December 17, 1967 Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt waded into the ocean for a swim while the rest of his party watched from the beach. He disappeared in the waves and was never seen again. Was it an accident, murder, suicide, or a well executed defection?

Episode 184-Hall-Mills Murders
A New Jersey pastor and his lover were brutally murdered, their bodies found posed in ritualistic fashion beneath a tree. The most shocking crime of early 20th century America culminated in a trial that ended with a fizzle, with several suspects and no obvious answers.

The Nutcracker
Each year those decorative wooden soldiers are put on display during the holiday season but never seem to get used. All they do is sit there looking dusty and creepy. In this special holiday episode Team Sideways discusses their individual theories about the origin of these rarely used decorations.

Episode 183-Asha Degree
February 14, 2000, Asha Degree’s packed a bag and left the house, seemingly of her own free will, never to return home. Did Asha really leave on her own? Did she run away or was she compelled by someone? And what happened to her?

Episode 182-Lost Dutchmans Mine
According to legend a German immigrant named Jacob Waltz wandered out of the Superstition Mountains with a sack of high grade gold. Ever since his death in the 1890’s people have been searching for his mine and the mother lode. So far nobody has found it.

Episode 181-Harold Wilson Conspiracy
In 1976 British Prime Minister Harold Wilson abruptly announced that he was resigning his office… and he didn’t say why. And to this day people are wondering why.

Episode 180-Benjamin Bathurst
Now you see him, now you don’t. A minor British diplomat named Benjamin Bathurst vanished literally into thin air while traveling under an assumed name with an attendant in 1809. Was it thieves, aliens, or an elaborate ploy?

Episode 179-Craig D Button
On April 2, 1997 USAF Captain Craig Button broke formation during a training mission and flew his A-10 Thunderbolt II NE for almost 800 miles before crashing into the side of Gold Dust Peak. The four 500lb Mk-82 bombs that were on the plane when it took off were not found at the crash site. Did Captain Button commit suicide and where are the bombs?

Episode 178-Alexander Litvinenko
In 2006 journalist Alexander Litvinenko was murdered by poison, perpetrator unknown. His death was one of several mysterious killings–which appear to have been connected by one thing.

Episode 177-Tecaxic-Calixtlauaca head
The Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca Head is a terracotta head which was likely part of a larger statue, discovered in 1933 near Mexico City. What makes this discovery so strange is that it was found with Pre-Colombian artifacts, but seems to be of Roman origin. Did the Romans have Pre-Columbian contact with America? Or is there a different explanation to be had?

Episode 176-Samora Machel
On October 19th 1986 Mozambican president Samora Machel and his staff were flying to the capital city when their plane changed course and subsequently crashed in South Africa. The crash killed Machel and 33 others who were on-board. Was it an accident or was it an amazingly executed assassination plot straight out of a Die Hard movie?

Episode 175-Martha Moxley
On the night of October 30, 1975, 15-year-old Martha Moxley was brutally bludgeoned to death in her yard in Greenwich, Connecticut. Despite years of police investigations, and one actual conviction, the identity of Martha’s killer is still up for grabs in the minds of many people.

Episode 174-Oct282011.com
Registered on August 7th, 2011, a website that loaded a dark page with white text is at the heart of this mystery. Who ran it, what was is it for, and what was meant to happen on October 28th, 2011? A cult? A hoax? The cryptic clues on the site leave almost all to the imagination.

Episode 173-Min Min Lights
Australians have been seeing strange glowing lights in the Outback for decades. Some stories say they approach, others say that they keep a consistent distance, and yet others say they change color and make noise. What has been lighting up the Outback for at least the last 150 years?

Episode 172-Sabrina Aisenberg
In November 1997, 5-month-old Sabrina Aisenberg was taken from her crib in the dead of night and has not been seen since. Her parents believe that she’s still alive somewhere, the police however are convinced that the parents were involved in her disappearance. What really happened to baby Sabrina?

Episode 171-GEC-Marconi deaths
In March 1982, a GEC-Marconi scientist who had worked on the project code-named Star Wars died in a fatal car accident. In the decade following, 25 other scientists employed by GEC-Marconi died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Was GEC-Marconi hiring a high volume of unstable people? Or did this group of scientist know too much?

Episode 170-Long Island Serial Killer
In 2010 the bodies of four prostitutes were found wrapped in burlap and buried in the brush on Oak Island NY. The next year 6 more sets of remains would be found, most of them believed to also have been prostitutes. Is a single serial killer using Oak Island as a dumping ground? Is it multiple serial killers? Or are they all unrelated?

Episode 169-Carroll A Deering
On January 31, 1921 the schooner Carroll A Deering was sighted hard aground and under full sail on Diamond Shoals, near Cape Hatteras North Carolina. When the Coast Guard was finally able to board the ship several days later, they found that the entire crew had vanished, without leaving so much as a goodbye note.

Episode 168-Paul is Dead
The September 1969 edition of the Drake Times-Delphic contained an article titled “Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?” This article may have been the first documented exposure of a very large conspiracy cover-up: the 1966 death of the real Paul McCartney.

Episode 167-Wonderland Murders
On July 1st, 1981, someone entered at 8763 Wonderland Ave and beat all five of the people inside with pipes, four of them to death. Since then a stories revolving around drugs and porn star John Holmes have been circulating. How much of the stories are true and how much is drug-fueled fantasy?

Episode 166-Brandon Swanson
In May 2008, 19-year-old Brandon Swanson was driving home when he got his car stuck in a ditch. As he walked toward the lights of a nearby town, speaking with his father on his cell phone, he suddenly said “Oh, s**t” and the line went dead. That was the last anyone’s heard of Brandon.

Episode 165-Gloomy Sunday
In 1933, Hungarian pianist Rezső Seress composed a song titled Gloomy Sunday, but is now known as the Hungarian Suicide Song due to the reportedly high number of people who commit suicide while listening to it.

Episode 164-Tsavo Man-Eaters
For nine months in 1898 two Tsavo lions hunted and killed men working on the railroad being built in across the Tsavo river. But what drove them to view humans as food? Lack of their normal prey, injuries, or just a taste for human blood?

Episode 163-Pont Saint Esprit
In an incident suspiciously similar to the Ken McElroy episode–except that there was no bullying redneck, no pickup truck and no gunfire–hundreds of residents of Pont St. Esprit in France found themselves hallucinating wildly. 7 died and many were institutionalized, and speculation is that it could have been ergot poisoning… or a CIA plot.

Episode 162-Bermeja Island
In the 16th century, Spanish cartographers mapped an islet off the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. However, in a 1997 survey, the island had disappeared. Were the Spanish wrong? Or did the USA blow up the island for personal gain?

Episode 161-Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter
On August 21st, 1955, unidentified creatures came to a farmhouse in Kentucky. The people in the house were so frightened that they opened fire and for 3 hours the creatures kept popping their heads up in front of the doors and windows until finally the family headed to town for reinforcements. No evidence of the creatures was ever found so did they really exist or was the whole thing made up?

Episode 160-Morgan Ingram
20-yr-old Morgan Ingram was stalked and tormented for 4 months until December 2011, when she was found dead of an apparent drug overdose. Police ruled it a suicide, but Morgan’s parents say she was murdered.

Episode 159-Rebecca Coriam
On March 22nd, 2011, Disney Wonder crew member Rebecca Coriam went missing. Disney’s handling of the case has been anything but perfect and speculation still swirls around the mysteriously upsetting phone call she had when she was last seen on CCTV.

Episode 158-Lake Huron Boaters Disappearance
On August 11th 2005 Lana Stempien and Chuck Rutherford disappeared from their 27′ boat several hours travel time from their intended destination. The US Coast Guard found the boat deserted, two weeks later Lana’s body washed ashore. Chuck’s body has never been found and nobody knows what happened to them.

Episode 157 Bonus-Mark Adams Interview
Following up on our episode about Atlantis, we’re releasing the rest of our conversation with Mark Adams, author of Meet Me In Atlantis, who knows a lot more about the subject than we do. Where did the story come from? Why are there so many potential sites? What’s the deal with the math? Mark gives us his take on these and other questions.

Episode 157-Atlantis
In the 4th century BC, the Greek philosopher Plato revealed the existence of a lost continent called Atlantis. Was Plato’s tale true? Or did he just make it up? A lot of people have been trying to figure that out for a long time now.

Episode 156-Joseph Newton Chandler III
When police responded to the suicide of Joseph Newton Chandler III, they figured it would be pretty routine. He’d shot himself in the head in his apartment, case closed. However, when probate lawyers took hold of the case, they found out that the real Joseph Newton Chandler III had died 57 years prior in a car accident with his parents. This now John Doe has never been identified, but clues into his life are nothing if not intriguing.

Episode 155-Andy Kaufmans greatest joke?
On May 16, 1984 comedian Andy Kaufman died from cancer. Or did he? Kaufman, the king of taking a joke so far that no one knew when it would end, or if it was even a joke, apparently told his friends that he wanted to stage his own death. Almost immediately after his funeral people started seeing Andy everywhere. Was the dead man really him?

Episode 154-Rudolf Hess
In May 1941 Rudolf Hess, the 3rd most powerful man in Nazi Germany and a close friend of Hitler, climbed into a Messerschmidt Bf 110 fighter and flew solo to Scotland, with the avowed intent of single-handedly brokering a peace deal with Britain. Hitler was reportedly furious and felt betrayed, and issued an order for Hess to be shot on sight if he returned to Germany. Why did Hess fly to Scotland? And was Hitler really totally in the dark?

Episode 153-Ray Gricar
When a DA goes missing, the world takes notice. Ray Gricar was sitting DA in Centre Country, Pennsylvania when one day he simply did not return home. Theories at the time ranged from suicide to walk-off, but years later, a high profile case made people wonder if something more sinister had taken place.

Episode 152-Abismo Negro
In March 2009 the body of luchador Abismo Negro was found drown under a bridge near El Rosario Mexico. He had gotten off a bus in an agitated state the day before after demanding that the driver pull over. No one knows what happened to him between that night and when his body was found the next day.

Episode 151 Bonus-Seth Margolis Interview
Following up on our episode about Queen Elizabeth I, we’re releasing the rest of our conversation with Seth Margolis, author of The Semper Sonnet, who knows a lot more about Elizabeth and Elizabethan England than we do. Did Elizabeth secretly have a child? Or was she actually a guy? Seth gives us his take on these and other questions.

Episode 151-Elizabeth I had a child?
When Queen Elizabeth I of England died in 1603, the Tudor line of monarchs ended. Though a lot of people have speculated that maybe it didn’t quite… Did Elizabeth I have a child?

Episode 150-Phobos 2
In January 1988, the then Soviet Union launched two probes to investigate Mars’ largest satellite, Phobos. Only one of the probes made it to Mars, and just days before it was slated to land, it sent a few mysterious photos to mission control before going offline forever.

Episode 149-Ben McDaniels
On August 18th 2010 Ben McDaniel dove into the cave in Vortex Spring in Ponce de Leon Florida. He was never seen again and after years of searching the cave no diver has ever found his body. Is his body in the cave… or somewhere else?

Short: The Casie Nicole
In this special short, we discuss what happened in April 1990: four men set off in the boat Casie Nicole for a seven day fishing trip. Five days later, one of them was picked up floating, alive, in a wooden bait box, but with no sign of the other three men. To this day their fate is unknown.

Episode 148-Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan
On July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan left Papua New Guinea in a twin-engine Lockheed airplane, bound for Howland Island, a tiny island 2,550 miles to the east. They were never seen again, and speculation as to their fate continues to this day.

Episode 147-Kurt Cobain
When Kurt Cobain was found dead by a shotgun wound, police immediately classified it a suicide. However, the case is more complex than anyone could have anticipated, rife with suspicion and fear.

Episode 146-Sunset Limited Derailment
In 1995 Amtrak’s Sunset Limited derailed in the middle of the Arizona desert. It quickly became apparent that the train was deliberately derailed. Who did it and why have never been discovered.

Episode 145-Louis Le Prince
In September 1890 Louis le Prince boarded a train in Dijon to go to Paris, along with luggage and a prototype of his new invention, a motion picture camera. When the train arrived in Paris, Le Prince, his luggage and his camera had vanished.

Ken McElroy
On July 10, 1981, Ken McElroy was shot dead on the main drag in Skidmore, Mo, by two or possibly three gunmen. Despite dozens of witnesses, the murder remains unsolved. Happy April Fools.

Episode 144-Jack the Stripper
In 1964 the naked body of a murdered prostitute showed up on the banks of the Thames under the Hammersmith bridge. Two months later when an almost identical body showed up, police realized they might have a serial killer on their hands.

Episode 143-The Glasgow Effect
Starting around the end of the first decade of the new millennium studies began to surface that talked about the unexplained poor health and below average life expectancy of the residents of Scotland. What’s causing it?

Episode 142-The Atlanta Ripper
For two years in the early 20th century, the black community of Atlanta was terrorized by a serial killer whose crimes eerily resembled those of Jack the Ripper. The killer was never caught

Episode 141-Andrew Gosden
In September of 2007, 14 year old Andrew Gosden slept in a bit, then left for school like any other day. After his parents had left for work, he returned home, drained his savings account and bought a one way ticket to London. He was never seen again.

Episode 140-Blair Adams
Blair Adams was a Canadian man whose body was found on July 11th, 1996 in the parking lot of a hotel that was under construction in Knoxville Tennessee, wearing a ripped shirt and nothing else. Somewhere between $4-6k in US, Canadian, and German currency was spread on the ground around the body. By all indications there was no reason for Blair to be in Knoxville in the first place.

Episode 139-USS Cyclops
On March 4, 1918, the US Navy ship Cyclops left Barbados to sail to Baltimore–and vanished without a trace.

Episode 138-Atacama Skeleton
In 2003, a skeleton was found in an abandoned town in the Chilean desert of the Atacama. While this finding is not odd, the fact that the skeleton was just 6 inches (15 cm) long was. After DNA testing revealed the skeleton only shared 91% of it’s DNA with humans, theoreis began to run wild as to what this skeleton belongs to.

Episode 137-Who shot Bob Marley
In 1976 three gunmen came onto Bob Marley’s estate at 56 Hope Road in Kingston Jamaica and opened fire. No one was killed but who sent them and why?

Episode 136-Annie Borjesson
In December 2005, the body of Annie Borjesson was found washed up on the beach at Prestwick, Scotland. Local police concluded that the death was suicide by drowning… but the evidence suggests something else.

Episode 135-Art Bell Area 51 Caller
On September 11, 1997, on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM show, a frantic caller claiming to be a recent employee at Area 51 made some startling revelations. A few minutes into the call, the Coast to Coast AM broadcast is mysteriously disrupted. Seventeen years later, a man calls a different show called Fade to Black, claiming to have made the whole thing up. Was the call really a hoax? And if so, what took out the broadcast?

Episode 134-Crash of SAA Flight 295
In 1987 South African Airways flight 295 crashed into the ocean after reporting smoke on board. The aircraft went down and was found a year and a half later on the ocean floor, fire was ruled to be the cause of the crash. What caused it to go down though? What started the fire?

Episode 133-Hale Boggs
In 1972 Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich boarded a Cessna to fly from Anchorage, AK to Juneau. The plane never made it, and no wreckage was ever found. Was it an accident… or murder?

Episode 132-The Death of Julia Wallace

In 1930, William Wallace found his wife beaten to death upon his return home from a wild goose chase. He was charged with the murder, as police found his alibi to be lacking at best. Wallace maintained his innocence and the court of criminal appeals agreed- clearing him of any guilt. The “real” murderer of Julia Wallace has never been caught.

Episode 131-Danny Casolaro and the Octopus
In 1991 Danny Casolaro supposedly committed suicide in his hotel room. He had been researching a cabal that he had started calling the Octopus. So did they knock him off or did he take his own life after realizing that he had been chasing smoke for over a year?

Episode 130-Who was Frosty the Snowman
For generations people have been singing the tale of Frosty the Snowman- but who was he really? We investigate a few avenues that might turn this cold case into a damp spot.

Episode 129-Lost Treasures
This week Team Sideways tackles three separate mysteries with one common theme: Lost Treasure!

Episode 128-White House Farm Murders
Three generations of the Bamber family died in the family farmhouse in August 1985, in a case which came to be called the White House Farm Murders, one of the most notorious crimes in modern British history. Was it a murder/suicide? Or just straight-up murder? Thirty years later, the case is still controversial, and still unsolved.

Episode 127-Lake City Quite Pills
In 2009, u/2-6 posted on reddit that u/ReligionOfPeace had passed away. It was later discovered that u/ReligionOfPeace, aka “Milo” owned the domain for a site called “That Old Guy’s Image Hosting”. But when another reddit user innocuously checked the source code of the site, it launched one of reddit’s longest-lived unsolved mysteries.

Episode 126-Josh Gibson Yankee Stadium homer
Josh Gibson is remembered as one of the best and strongest hitters in the National Negro League. The stories say that he hit one out of Yankee Stadium in 1930 or 1934 but is it possible to do that and if so did he really do it?

Episode 125-Who Finked on the Franks
For two years Anne Frank & her family, and four other people, lived in hiding in rooms behind a business in Amsterdam–until one day in August 1944 when German and Dutch police showed up and arrested them. Who was the rat?

Episode 124-Skinwalker Ranch
Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is known as one of the weirdest places in the world, touting more than 100 paranormal reports in the last 20 years. Is this ranch as plagued with activity as some suggest? Or is the story blown wildly out of proportion?

Episode 123-Lost Cosmonauts
Supposedly the Russians launched people into space who never made it back to earth alive. Not wanting to lose face in the space race they covered up the existence of these cosmonauts. Did they really send people to the space never to return or is this all a flight of fancy?

Episode 122-Beaumont Children
On January 26th 1966 Jane, Arnna, and Grant Beaumont left their home to go play on the beach. When the children didn’t come home two hours later as expected their mother was unhappy but not overly concerned. When they hadn’t returned home 5 hours later the family called the police. Though there were many witness reports of the children no evidence was ever found to explain what happened to them. Where did they go and, more importantly, who took them?

Episode 121-Hinterkaifeck
In March 1922, all 5 members of the Gruber family, and their maid, were brutally murdered with a pickaxe. Then the killer proceeded to hang out at the farm with 6 dead bodies for the next several days.

Episode 120-Smiley Face Murders
In 2008, a group of investigators when public with a story they’d been looking into since 1997, involving more than 45 deaths. If true, the theory is that one of the most prolific serial killers ever is currently on the loose, killing athletic college-aged men. But the links between these 45 deaths are thin, at best, and the argument for the Smiley Face Killer might not be as strong as many think.

Episode 119-The Sodder Children
On Christmas Eve 1945 the Sodder family home caught fire, only 4 of the 9 children made it out. After the fire had been put out no bodies were found leading the family to believe that the children had been taken. Were they or was this just the wishful thinking of grieving parents?

Episode 118-Lake Bodom Murders
In September 1960, four teenagers camping on the shores of Lake Bodom in Finland were brutally attacked as they were sleeping in their tent, by a person or persons unknown. Three of them died. The murders remain unsolved to this day.

Episode 117-Springfield Three
In June of 1992, recent high school grads Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall returned to Suzie’s house at 2am after a night of post-graduation celebration. The plan was to stay the night with Suzie’s mom, Sherill Levitt. Then all three vanished.

Episode 116-Lord Lucan
John Bingham, known as Lord Lucan, was a charismatic noble with expensive tastes and a gambling habit who separated from his wife in 1972 and lost custody of his children in 1973. On November 7th, 1974 someone killed the children’s nanny and attacked Binghams’s wife. The Lord was heard from briefly the following day and then disappeared. Where did he go?

Episode 115-Peter Bergmann
A man calling himself Peter Bergmann showed up in the Irish coastal town of Sligo in June 2009. Over the following 3 days he carefully erased all evidence of his identity, after which point his body was found on a beach north of town, dead of unknown causes.

Episode 114-Agatha Christie
In 1926, Agatha Christie went missing for 11 days. The official report is that her disappearance was due to “out of body amnesia”. Where did she go? What did she do? Those 10 days remain a mystery to this day, and questions swirl: does she really not remember anything?

Episode 113-Frederick Cook
Frederick Cook claimed he was the first to climb to the peak of Mt. McKinley in 1906 but later that claim was disproved. In 1909 he claimed to have made it to the North Pole, no one believed him after they looked at his logs. In the last several decades people have started to believe that maybe he really did it. Was he really successful or was he a great fraud?

Episode 112-David Sneddon
David Sneddon’s last message to his family was an email from China saying that he was heading to Tiger Leaping Gorge. After an investigation several weeks later Chinese authorities concluded that Sneddon had died somewhere on the treacherous trail… but his family thinks otherwise.

Episode 111-The Grinning Man
In 1966, stories began to emerge coinciding with a slew of UFO sightings regarding a man named Ingrid Cold. Cold was said to have communicated with a number of people about a variety of topics. Telepathically. And never losing the giant, unsettling grin on his face.

Episode 110-Kubrick’s The Shining
Stanley Kubrick produced and directed the iconic film The Shining, released in 1980. Crowds at the time were terrified and/or confused by the film, today it is a classic. But what was really going on with Kubrick’s version of the story? There are a host of theories suggesting why Kubrick produced the movie and what it’s actually about. And we have an inside scoop.

Episode 109-Roberto Calvi
Roberto Calvi, who was nicknamed “God’s Banker” because of his ties to the Vatican, was found hanged beneath Blackfriar’s Bridge in London in 1982. Police ruled it a suicide–but was it really?

Short: Theft of Shergar
In 1981 Shergar was named European Horse of the Year for his victories on the track. On February 8th, 1983, eight armed men showed up at the stables where Shergar was kept as a stud and stole him for ransom. They never got a single pound and the horse was never found. Why?

Episode 108-Kensington Rune Stone
Discovered in 1898, the 200 lb Kensington Runestone is, as the name suggests, a stone covered in runes. What makes this stone so interesting is that it was found in Minnesota, USA. Though the authenticity of this out of place artifact has been hotly debated, if real, the stone provides evidence that in 1362, Scandinavian explorers would have been the “first” to discover the new world, almost 100 years before Columbus.

Episode 107-Fate of the IXth Legion
Somewhere between 100-120AD the 9th Roman legion disappeared from the record books. Were they disbanded, defeated in a fierce battle (if so which one), or absorbed into another legion?

Episode 106-Places You Don’t Want To Go
Creepy places that are littered with corpses! A mysterious valley where people wind up missing their heads! And more!

Episode 105-Yamashitas Gold
Prior to and continuing through WWII, Japanese forces occupied a huge swath of East Asia, from which they looted a fantastic amount of gold, silver and gems. Much of the treasure was shipped to the Philippines for re-shipment to Japan, but as the US Navy encircled Japan shipping became too risky. With allied forces prepared to invade the Philippines, General Tomoyuki Yamashita hatched a plan to hide the treasure from them. Then lost the map.

Episode 104-Zebb Quinn
After receiving a mysterious page on January 2, 2000, cancelled his plans with a friend, never to be seen again. His car was found two weeks later in a hospital parking lot with lips drawn on the rear windshield. He has never been found, and despite other suspects, the last person to see him alive was arrested just this year for murdering a Food Network star.

Short: The Vela Incident
On September 22, 1979, a Vela satellite picked up a hallmark double flash, signifying that a 2-3 kiloton Nuclear bomb had been detonated. However, the people in charge of investigating this explosion have refused to confirm it was a detonation, instead suggesting it was a malfunction.

Episode 103-Charles Darwin’s Health
The theories of Charles Darwin, the father of the theory of natural selection, are known world wide. What isn’t known is what caused his ill health. For much of his life Darwin suffered from varying chronic symptoms but to this day we still don’t know what caused them.

Episode 102-Death of Huey Long
In Sept. 1935, Louisiana Senator Huey Long was assassinated in the Louisiana State House by Dr. Karl Weiss. Or was he?

Episode 101-What’s the Frequency Kenneth
On October 5, 1986 Dan rather was attacked on the street by a man who was reportedly yelling “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” While some say this mystery is solved, there’s deeper layers that apparent at first glance.

Episode 100-Death of Princess Diana
On August 31st, 1997 Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris. Theories abound as to why it happened. Was it really a random accident, was it the fault of her driver, were the paparazzi responsible, or was her death part of a sinister conspiracy?

Episode 099-Sneha Philip
31 year old Sneha Philip left her apartment in Battery Park on the afternoon of September 10th, 2001 and was never seen again. Was she killed when the twin tower fell, was she murdered and her body simply never found, or did she take advantage of the chaos and simply disappear to start a new life somewhere else?

Episode 098-The Mills Family
Al and Jeannie Mills were devoted members of the People’s Temple of San Francisco until 1975, when they \”defected\”. For this they were excoriated by Jim Jones, leader of the Temple, who reportedly called for their deaths not long before his own, in Jonestown, Guyana, in November 1978. In February 1980, the Mertles and their daughter Daphene were found murdered in their Berkeley home. By a Temple hit squad?

Episode 097-Denver International Airport
The Denver Airport has only been around for 20 years, and yet it is at the center of many stories. This week, we explore the idea of the Denver airport, from the Blue Mustang and odd runway layout to the defunct tunnels and claims of New World Order funding.

Episode 096-Tube Sock Killer
In 1985 two couples were killed in the woods south of Tacoma, Washington. The bodies of each the female victims were found with a knotted tube sock tied around their neck. Is this the hallmark of an unknown serial killer or just a set of coincidentally related murders?

Episode 095-Vatican Murders
In 1998 the commandant of the Vatican’s Swiss Guards was murdered, along with his wife, by another Swiss Guard, in an apparent murder/suicide. Or was it?

Episode 094-Tupac and Biggie
Tupac Shakur and Christopher George Latore Wallace died just 6 months apart, both under similar mysterious circumstances. Likewise, both had albums released shortly after their deaths which contained references to faking death- to varying degrees of subtlety. Did they fake their deaths? Were they offed by the illuminati? Or is something even more sinister at play?

Episode 093-Black Knight Satellite
Since the late 50’s there have been numerous reports of something circling the earth in a polar orbit, something that was there before we could a satellite into orbit. Theories abound as to what it could be. Alien satellite, space junk, some other space junk, or possibly an alien invitation to visit?

Episode 092-Time Travelers
In this episode we look into three popular stories of time travelers and try to see what is really there.

Episode 091-Keddies Murders
In April 1981, three people were bludgeoned and stabbed to death in the tiny town of Keddie, California–and a fourth, a 12-year-old girl, was kidnapped. Parts of her skeleton were found three years later. The murders were never solved.

Gef the Talking Mongoose
A family on the Isle of Man, in 1931, found that they had a rather strange houseguest who called himself Gef. You guessed it, he was a talking mongoose who got up to all kinds of hijinks. Happy April fools.

Episode 090-Madeleine McCann
While on holiday with her parents, British 3 year old Madeline McCann disappeared from her bedroom on the night of May 3rd, 2007. The search that ensued has been noted as one of the largest ever, and 8 years later, answers are still as elusive as ever. Was Madeline abducted? Was there an accident? Was her body found in 2013? Is she still alive? These questions have plagued every empathetic soul for years, and will likely continue to do so for years to come. The twist? Look.

Episode 089-Tylenol murders
In 1982 someone laced bottles of Tylenol capsules with potassium cyanide and put the tampered bottles back on the shelf killing 7 people. While there have been a few suspects no one knows for sure who actually did it.

Episode 088-B. Traven
B. Traven was an author who wrote, among other things, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Thing is, nobody really knows for sure who he really was…

Episode 087-Arthur’s Seat dolls
In Edinburgh in 1836, a group of boys who were hunting rabbits came across a small alcove and found something very peculiar- 17 small caskets containing 17 small dolls. Immediately thought to be connected to witchcraft, these dolls have been a mystery for the ages- with new theories cropping up as recently as the 1990’s and suggestions of a possible connection to some very notorious serial killers.

Episode 086-Mima Mounds
The Mima mounds, located in southwestern Washington state, have been baffling scientists for decades. These strange domes of earth rise up out of the landscape covering large areas in a loosely regular pattern. To date no one can seem to figure out what made them or why they are there.

Episode 085-Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler
On New Years day 1963 the bodies of Dr. Bogle and Mrs. Chandler were found on the bank of the Lane Cove River in Sydney. There were no outward signs of trauma and their cause of death has been speculated on for years. With so many questions about what they were doing there, why were they there, what happened to them, and who knew about it it’s no wonder that this case has held peoples attention for so long.

Short: Poe Toaster
For nearly 80 years, someone (or someone’s) was seen toasting Poe with a glass of cognac, leaving the bottle and three roses on Poe’s original grave. The identity of this someone is still a mystery.

Episode 084-Count Saint Germain
The mysterious Count of St Germain traveled Europe in the 18th century, hob-knobbing with royalty, conducting diplomacy, fomenting revolutions–shaping Europe to his, or someone’s, liking. It’s even rumored that he had a hand in the American Revolution. And along the way, he never aged a day. And after his death in 1784, he kept showing up….

Episode 083-Edgar Allan Poe
October 7,1849, is a date many people are well acquainted with. Five days prior, renowned poet Edgar Allan Poe was found delirious and in need of “immediate assistance”. On the 7th, he died. The events leading up to his October 3rd discovery are widely disputed, and Poe himself was never able to explain what had happened to him. His death remains a mystery to this day.

Episode 082-Max Headroom Broadcast Interruption
On November 22, 1987 someone overpowered two different TV stations transmissions broadcasting a nearly unintelligible message using the guise of Max Headroom. Who it was, what it meant, and why they did it no one knows for sure.

Episode 081-Mull Air Myster
A plane crash. A dead body. But…. they’re in different places. On Christmas Eve 1975, Peter Gibbs, a former RAF pilot, took off from Glenforsa Airfield on the Isle of Mull, and never returned. 4 months later, his body was found on a hillside about a mile from the airfield. 11 years later, the plane was found in the ocean. Causing people to say, WHAT?

Short: Things that bob in the water
Mysterious things are washing up on shore. Tjipetir Tiles are washing up all over Europe. Two mysterious crates found floating off the coast of Florida–one filled with balloons. This one is still unexplained, but I’ve got an idea….

Episode 080-Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers
On April 1 of 2014, Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, young women from the Netherlands took off on an easy day hike in Panama near the town of Boquete. When they missed an appointment on the 2nd with a local guide, he checked with their host family, who had not seen them since the day prior. The girls were never found, save for some bones and a boot, however their backpack was found containing more questions than answers.

Episode 079-Michele Miscavige
The wife of the head of the Church of Scientology disappeared from public in 2007. Since then lots of people have wondered where she was and what happened to her. She could be dead or locked away somewhere. Anyone who knows isn’t telling.

Episode 078-Donald Crowhurst
Donald Crowhurst, a 35-year-old British inventor and businessman, set out in October 1968 to sail around the world alone as part of a contest. In July 1969 his sailboat was discovered adrift and without its skipper. Then things got even stranger.

Episode 077-The Truth About Rudolph
In a holiday tradition the Thinking Sideways crew takes a look at Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in an effort to try and figure out what actually makes him glow.

Episode 076-Mothman
Possibly one of the most famous cryptids, Mothman is often dismissed as a bird, while others agree he is an alien. Do herons really get that big (and hairy)? Is it possible that Mothman is a real harbinger of disasters? And what is with the glowing red eyes?

Episode 075-Rendlesham Forest Incident
In December 1980 at RAF airbase Woodbridge an unidentified craft was spotted, on two different nights, by the US Airmen stationed there. The official reports indicate that nothing our of the ordinary actually happened while the witnesses advocate that something otherworldly was there. As the stories evolves it gets harder and harder to tell if aliens visited the UK in 1980 or if a bunch of green Airmen misinterpreted what they saw.

Episode 074-Jean Spangler
In October 1949, Jean Spangler, a 26-year-old aspiring actress, left her home and never returned. Her purse turned up 2 days later, with a cryptic note in it; 2 days after that, a very famous movie star called the LAPD out of the blue to deny that he knew anything about it, or her. Jean was never found, where did she go and what happened to her?

Episode 073-Cicada 3301
“Not all mysteries are solvable, but prize comes in the pursuit.” Called “the most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet”, Cicada 3301 is the name given to an organization that posts complex puzzles for public consumption on or around the 5th of January every year. First surfacing in 2012 via a post on 4chan, users were given a month to solve a set of increasingly complex puzzles. Who is behind this group, what is the end goal of the puzzles, and how could anyone solve them?

Episode 072-Skyquakes
For centuries strange “booming” noises have been heard in coastal regions all around the world. Some say they are part of a government conspiracy, others say it is the sound of the continental shelf shifting. What is making all the racket?

Short: Isabella Art Theft
On the night of March 18, 1990, a pair of thieves disguised as Boston police officers entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and roamed the Museum’s galleries, stealing thirteen works of art. None of the missing art has shown up and though the FBI says they have suspects no arrests have ever been made.

Episode 071-Lori Erica Ruff
After her death by suicide in 2010, Lori Erica Ruff (nee Kennedy) was discovered by her family to have been living under a false name, and that her real name was Becky Turner, except… Becky Turner died in 1971 at the age of 2. Who was Lori Ruff? Lots of people have been trying to find out, with no success.

Episode 070-Bill Brennan
In 1992, Stardust casino employee Bill Brennan walks out of work with half a million dollars belonging to the casino. He hasn’t been heard from since. With that much money, did he chose to disappear? Or is it more than coincidence that the Stardust has strong ties to the Mob?

Episode 069-Who settled the New World first
Everyone knows that humans were in the New World long before Columbus arrived but no one knows exactly how they got there. On foot, in boats, across the Pacific or the Atlantic ocean? Is there only one option or could all the players be right?

Episode 068-Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper terrorized London in 1888, 5 women are attributed to having died horrifically by his hand but no one is certain if that number is correct. Who was he, why did he do it, and where did he go? These are questions that have plagued everyone who has looked into this mystery for the last 120 years.

Episode 067-The Mad Axeman of New Orleans
For 18 months in the years 1918-19, a serial killer terrorized the citizens of New Orleans, his favored method of murder earning him a grisly nickname: “The Axeman”. The murders have never been solved.

Episode 066-Cleveland Torso Murders
Also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, this mystery circles around a still unidentified serial killer responsible for at least 12 grisly murders in the Cleveland area in the 1930’s. The murder’s MO? Dismemberment of low-class citizens, making the bodies often impossible to identify.

Episode 065-Gateway to Hell
According to local legend a Gateway to Hell is located in Stull, Kansas. Each year on Halloween Satan uses this gateway to visit the earth. What is he doing and why is the gateway located in a tiny town in the middle of Kansas?

Episode 064-Jim Thompson
In 1967 Jim Thompson, a former spy with the OSS, more recently a very successful businessman in Bangkok, left the house where he was staying (in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia)… and never returned. And no trace of him was ever found.

Episode 063-Maura Murray
On February 9th, 2004, 21 year old Maura Murray set out on a car trip, telling her employer and professors it was because of a death in the family–a lie that puzzles investigators to this day. Despite many alleged sightings and bad tips, her disappearance has remained a mystery for the past decade. Was this a case of startlingly well planned out foul-play? Did she run away? Is she still alive?

Episode 062-Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA and several other government agencies’ computers. He swears he found evidence that we have a fleet of space ships and that they are staffed by “non-terrestrial” officers-humans in space, not space aliens. Did he really find that kind of information or was it all in his head?

Episode 061-Netta Fornario
Netta Fornario, a student of the occult, left her London home in 1929 for an extended stay on the tiny but storied island of Iona; months later, she died while apparently performing some sort of ritual, leading to accusations of, among other things, murder from beyond the grave.

Episode 060-The Monster with 21 Faces
Following a kidnapping of the president of Glico industries, a crime organization calling themselves the Monster with 21 Faces begins systematic extortion attempts on confectionery giants Glico and Morinaga, including lacing candy with potassium cyanide. The mystery behind who the Monster with 21 Faces is remains.

Episode 059-Theft of the Irish Crown Jewels
The Irish Crown Jewels were discovered to be missing on July 11, 1907. No one knows who took them or why but for a century there has been plenty of finger pointing over who the thief must have been.

Episode 058-Lost Boats Found
This week we look at three similar nautical mysteries and try to get to something to float to the top.

Episode 057-Dorothy Arnold
In December 1910 Dorothy Arnold, a wealthy New York socialite, left her family’s Manhattan home to go shopping, and never returned. Despite a massive search and extensive investigations, no trace of her was ever found.

Episode 056-Lost Boy Larry
On August 7th, 1973, radio operators in California picked up the terrified cries of a young boy who identified himself as Larry. Larry was unable to tell authorities where he was, or even what state he lived in. As the days drew on, the signal from his radio became weaker, the search for Lost Boy Larry was called off as he was presumed dead. Was this a hoax, or did a young boy get cooked to death in an overturned truck?

Episode 055-Mongolian Death Worm
The Mongolian Death Worm is a cryptid that has never officially been captured (though Westerners have been trying since 1922). The creature lives in the Gobi desert and only surfaces in the months of June and July, supposedly after heavy rains. It reportedly can spit acid at AND/OR electrocute anyone who gets near it. And someone wants to find it why?

Episode 054-Eilean Mor Lighthouse
In December 1900 three lighthouse keepers were discovered to have vanished from the island of Eilean Mor. There were the usual inexplicable clues–a meal left uneaten, a chair knocked over–which indicated a hasty exit. Were they abducted by a UFO? Et by the Kraken? Murdered by pirates?

Episode 053-Montauk Project
Often linked to the Philadelphia project, the Montauk project is an “all but the kitchen sink” series of conspiracy theories related to alleged secret projects starting in the 1980’s… or the 1940’s. Official reports claim they were “simply” working on psychological warfare, but there might also be a 50-story titanium pyramid below the radar building in which a yeti and the USS Eldridge from the Philadelphia Project manifested. We explore all theories in this riveting episode.

Episode 052-Coral Castle
Coral castle was built by Edward Leedskalnin between 1923-1951 when he passed away. Ed quarried all of the stone himself and said that he moved the several ton stones single handedly around the property using the secrets of the ancient Egyptians. Over 1,100 tons of stone were erected without any mechanical assistance according to legend. So how did he move all that stone?

Episode 051-Jefferson Davis Eight
Between 2005 and 2009 eight women were murdered, the police investigation has been focused on finding a serial murderer. Writer Ethan Brown reveals disturbing facts that point towards many residents of Jefferson Davis Parish and, even more disturbingly, the local police department.

Episode 050-The Mad Trapper of Rat River
A man calling himself Albert Johnson led the Mounties on their biggest manhunt ever, performing almost superhuman feats of evasion and survival before he was eventually brought down. And the RCMP was never able to solve the mystery of who he was and where he came from.

Episode 049-Georgia Guidestones
Often referred to as America’s stone henge, the Georgia Guidestones are a set of monolithic structures that were erected in Georgia in March of 1980. There are five slabs, which are astronomically aligned and have 10 “new world commandments” carved into their surface in several languages. An additional stone tablet, which is set in the ground a short distance to the west of the structure, provides some notes on the history and purpose of the Guidestones. The stones were commissioned by a man who’s identity has never been revealed.

Episode 048-Fairies
A British professor has published photographs showing what he says are proof that fairies are real. Are they though? Or did he take a blurry photo of something else? Could they be real or is this another case of the power of suggestion convincing people?

Episode 047-YOGTZE-Fall
German man exclaims “Now I understand!” to his wife, scrawls an unintelligible word on a piece of paper. Hours later he’s found naked and near death in his wrecked car. Turns out he was injured by being RUN OVER by a car…

Episode 046-Dancing Plague
In 1518 in Strasbourg, Alsace, a woman began dancing in the street. She danced for 4 to 6 days and was joined by 34 others within a week. Within a month, 400 people were dancing in the streets. Many died from heart attacks, stroke or exhaustion. Why? NO ONE KNOWS!!!

Episode 045-Battle Los Angeles
At around 3am on February 25th, 1942, the US Army began firing at an unknown object, or possibly multiple objects, over Los Angeles. After half an hour of intense shelling the firing stopped and when the smoke cleared nothing was found. No enemy aircraft. No enemy wreckage. No enemy casualties. If there was nothing there then what were they firing at?

Episode 044-Holes
This week we look at three smaller mysteries that are similar and try to get to the bottom of things.

Episode 043-The Nazi Bell
An old Polish intelligence file reveals the confession of a Nazi war criminal that the Germans were developing something which might have changed the course of WWII. Was the Nazi Bell a super weapon? An anti-gravity device? A time machine? And where did it disappear to?

Episode 042-The Hum
A mysterious “humming” noise is being heard by people world wide. So far the source of this constant, and potentially maddening, noise remains undiscovered and unexplained.

Episode 041-The Beale Cypher
In the early 1800’s a hotel owner was entrusted with a locked box, when he eventually opened it he found that it contained 3 coded messages. The coded messages were supposedly described the location of a buried treasure. Only one of the cyphers has been broken. The answer to the others, like the treasure itself, has never been found.

Episode 040-Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript, written about 500 years ago in an unknown script, has eluded all attempts at deciphering it. What does the text mean? What do the illustrations actually represent? Where did it come from? Thinking Sideways looks at it from every angle and enlists the help of Dr. Stephen Bax in trying to understand what it is all about.

Episode 039-Baltic Sea Anomaly
In June 2011, a team of Swedish treasure hunters discovered a 200′ wide saucer-shaped artifact at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Is the Baltic Sea Anomaly a natural formation, something man-made, or… a spaceship?

Episode 038-The “Wow!” Signal
On August 15th, 1977, Jerry Ehman was working on a SETI project when he detected a 72-second long blast that crescendo-ed in a noise 30 times louder than the background. Jerry circled the text recording of this noise, commenting “Wow!” next to it in red pen, inadvertently naming the phenomenon. Nothing like it has been recorded since.

Feline Overlords aka April Fools
The time has come for the Feline Overlords to show their power. How? By proving that the cast of TSP doesn’t always get it right. Happy April fools.

Episode 037-Klerksdorp spheres
Strange round stones are being found in a mine in South Africa, they typically have 1 to 3 ridges around their circumference and predate the material surrounding them. Some say natural phenomena, out of place artifacts, or a sign that another form of intelligent life put them here.

Episode 036.2-MH370 Update
New theories have been brought forward about the actual path that Flight MH370 took and the are even backed up by math. In this mini episode we talk about these new theories about the course of the plane and what they mean to the search.

Episode 036-Flight MH370
Team Sideways tackles the maddening mystery of how a jumbo jet loaded with hundreds of passengers could simply… vanish. Without a trace.

Episode 035-Toynbee tiles
Since the early 1980’s, linoleum tiles have been found embedded in asphalt all around the world. They bear the inscription “TOYNBEE IDEA, IN MOViE `2001,RESURRECT DEAD, ON PLANET JUPITER”. Their origins are unknown.

Episode 034-Ulfberht
The Viking Ulfberht swords, made between 800-1000CE, were the most prized and advanced pieces of weaponry in the Viking arsenal. No one knows how the Vikings got them or who really made them.

Episode 033-Hagley Woods
In April 1943 a woman’s skeleton was discovered in a hole in a hollow tree in England; months later, mysterious graffiti began to appear which gave the corpse a name. The graffiti, and the investigation, continued for decades, but no one has ever identified the mysterious “Bella” in the Wych Elm… or her murderer.

Episode 032-Salish Sea feet
In August 2007, a severed foot in a running shoe washed up on a beach on the Salish Sea (in Canada). Since then, 12 more feet have been found. The likelihood of finding two feet in this situations is estimated at one in a million. Four of the feet have been identified, the rest belong to persons unknown. Why are these severed feet washing ashore in this location?

Episode 031-The princes in the tower
In the summer of 1483 the 12 year old boy king of England, Edward V, and his 9 year old brother Richard, Duke of York, were moved into the Tower of London by their uncle the future king Richard III. The boys were never seen alive again. Bones were found in the Tower of London 200 years later that are believed to be theirs but the real question is what happened to them and whodunit?

Episode 030-Mary Celeste
The ghost ship Mary Celeste was found in December 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean west of Portugal, with her lifeboat gone and the crew missing. They had abandoned a perfectly seaworthy ship, and had apparently done so in a hurry, and left no sign as to why. They were never heard from again, and left behind one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Episode 029-Jane Doe 245UFVA
December 18th, 1996, an unidentified woman commits suicide in the children’s section of a cemetery. She leaves two $50 bills to “cover the cost of cremation”. She was found on a clear plastic sheet, next to the sheet was an 8″ Christmas tree, adorned with gold balls and red ribbons. All signs point to her perhaps being well off. Despite this, she has never been identified.

Episode 028-Elisa Lam
The body of Elisa Lam was discovered in a water tank on the top of the Hotel Cecil in Los Angles on February 19th, 2013. How she got there, why she was there, and what happened to her in the days before her death are still unknown. The only thing that is known for sure is that she was alive on the 1st of February exhibiting unusual behavior. What happened to this girl?

Episode 027-Yuri Nosenko
Six weeks after the JFK assassination, a KGB agent who had been working for the CIA defected to the US, claiming to have information about Lee Harvey Oswald. Yuri Nosenko’s defection eventually led to purges in the CIA and still haunts the agency, with allegations of cover-ups of information relating to the assassination, and hints at the possibility of a mole in US intelligence.

Episode 026-Gobekli Tepe
A discovery that “changes everything”, Gobekli Tepe is a prolific discovery and dates to a time when humans were literally mere decades from being cavemen. Who built these, how did they build them, why did they build them… even to the experts, there are far more questions than answers on this one.

Episode 025-Polybius
A new arcade game arrived in Portland Oregon in 1981 but was pulled from arcades just weeks after it arrived. It’s never been seen again. Was it having strange effects on the kids who play it? Was it a government test? Is it just an urban legend?

Episode 024-Surcouf
In February 1942, the Free French Navy submarine Surcouf departed Bermuda for Australia, via the Panama Canal. She never reached the canal, and disappeared without a trace, leading to accusations of conspiracy and betrayal, along with the usual Bermuda Triangle angle.

Episode 023-Santa Claus
One mystery has plagued us since childhood- how does he carry all those toys? How does he make it to everyone’s house in one night? Why has no one seen him delivering toys? That’s right, it’s Santa! We take a look at the tough questions, and this time, we may have actually solved it!

Episode 022-Baghdad Battery
Baghdad, Iraq, 1939, a new curator takes over the National Museum of Iraq, bringing to light a confusing discovery- a ceramic pot with a metallic rod inside. Speculation over what this artifact is, what it was used for, and why it produces electricity has run rampant ever since.

Episode 021-1991 VG
A near-earth-object that was seemingly metallic and approximately 10 meters across went past the earth in 1991. Instead of looking like a piece of space rock it showed characteristics of a “made” object. It looks like it could have been made by an intelligent species, did we send it or did someone else?

Episode 020-Isdal woman
In November 1970, the partially burned corpse of a woman was discovered near Bergen, Norway, leading to one of the most intensive investigations in Norwegian history, which is still a source of controversy to this day, with allegations of espionage and cover-ups.

Episode 019-Boy in the box
In Philadelphia on February 25th, 1957 a would-be peeping tom discovers a box with the body of a young boy in it. The boy has never been identified, despite diligent work from many different organizations. Who was this boy, and why was he killed?

Episode 018-Amikafer
In post WWII Germany the Colorado potato beetle began decimating crops. No one knows why they appeared that in such great numbers that season. Did the US dropped them there as a form of biological warfare, did they just happen to accidentally invade, or was it someone else?

Episode 017-Anjikuni Lake
In late 1930, the inhabitants of an Inuit village in Canada’s Northwest Territories disappeared without a trace, leaving food, clothing, guns and more behind. What evil caused them to flee–or, perhaps… took them? And what about those mysterious blue lights seen in the night sky by trappers and Canadian Mounties in the area? Stay tuned…

Episode 016-TheBloop
In 1997, in a remote point in the south Pacific Ocean, just west of the southern tip of South America an incredibly powerful ultra-low-frequency noise is picked up by hydrophones monitored by the NOAA. We think sideways in hopes that it will help us to discover the source of this unexplained sound.

Episode 015-Texarkana Killer
In the spring of 1946 an unidentified serial killer attacks 8 people in the small town of Texarkana. As every law enforcement agency available tries to track the murderer down he disappears without leaving any clues as to his identity.

Episode 014-Ourange Medan
The Ourang Medan was found with the entire crew dead by rescue ships then blew up and sank to the bottom of the sea. What killed the crew and what caused the explosion? Author Roy Bainton graciously takes the time to discuss this mystery ship and provides some much needed clues to what could have really happened.

Episode 013-Dyatlov Pass
In the late 1950s, a group of Russians who were very experienced ski-hikers were discovered to have died on the slopes of the Mountain of Death, some of them frozen to death and others dead from massive physical trauma. They left their camp in the middle of the night, some without clothing or shoes, in sub-zero weather. What terror caused them to flee to their deaths?

Episode 012-Lead Mask Case
Two apparently healthy men are found dead, wearing very suspicious lead eye masks, near Rio de Janeiro. All signs pointing to their plan to return home, so what happened to them? This story is rife with reports of UFO’s and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy jokes.

Episode 011-Valentich Disappearance
On October 21, 1978 20 year old Frederick Valentich piloted his Cessna across the Bass Strait. He and his plane were never seen again but the final six minutes of his life were recorded in a conversation with the airport tower. The recording and transcript of that conversation have sparked a controversy that is still unsettled today.

Episode 010-Spanish Flu
The 1918 flu pandemic, known as the Spanish Flu, killed 50-100 million people worldwide, somewhere between 3%-5% of the world’s population at the time. What made this flu strain so deadly, how did it spread so fast, and where did this strain come from? In this extended show we dive deep into the possible origins, behaviors, and potential causes of this flu pandemic.

Episode 009-Carnac Stones
The Stones of Carnac–a vast arrangement of menhirs in lines thousands of meters long, the purpose of the stones is an ancient mystery: necropolis? Calendar? Astronomical guide? Another mystery is the fate of the society that built them, which vanished without a trace.

Episode 008-Baigong Pipes
Pipes older than fire show up in a humanly inhospitable mountain top. Bonus talk of Aliens and a pyramid!

Episode 007-Dog Suicide Bridge
In the last 50 years over 600 dogs have jumped from the Overtun bridge, many not surviving the fall. What is leading these animals to jump, from 50 feet up, to their doom?

Episode 006-Kaspar Hauser
Kaspar’s sudden appearance from nowhere in Nuremberg, Germany, touched off controversies that lasted for decades. Was he a child of royalty, stolen from the cradle and robbed of his birthright? Or a homeless kid who was kind of a con man?

Episode 005-UVB76
An annoying buzzer sounds on an open mic for 40 years. Out of Russia. Often, the buzzer stops, and that’s where we start Thinking Sideways.

Episode 004-McCormick Cypher
In 1999 Ricky McCormick was killed on the side of a freeway, 12 years later the FBI finally asks the public for help in decrypting a cypher found in his pants pocket. Ricky wrote them and to this day no one is really sure what them mean.

Episode 003-The Glomar Explorer
A Cold War mystery, featuring the CIA, Howard Hughes, a sunken Soviet sub and quite possibly a sunken American sub too. With cover stories inside cover stories and weak government explanations for obvious questions, this one is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma zip-locked inside a mystery.

Episode 002-Taman Shud
A man is found dead on the coast of Australia, of unknown causes with a mysterious code in a hidden pocket, causing an international, six-decade long search for his identity, and for someone who can break the code.

Episode 001-The Ghost Blimp
On August 16th, 1942 the US Navy airship the L-8 set off on a routine mission in the early hours of the morning. When the ship returned to the California coast nearly 5 hours later the crew had mysteriously disappeared. No one knows what ever happened to them.