Following up on our episode about the Daytona Beach Serial Killer, we’re releasing the rest of our conversation with Christine Pelisek, author of  The Grim Sleeper, The lost women of South Central. Christine spent many years chasing the case of the man she dubbed The Grim Sleeper who’s identity would eventually be discovered as that of Lonnie David Franklin Jr. He had been killing women in South Central for years then  suddenly took a 14 year break. Why did he do it? Did he really stop? We ask Christine these and other questions.

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Murder most Foul

In June 1912 eight people were brutally murdered in their beds in a home in Villisca, Iowa. Despite a long list of suspects and a massive police investigation, one of the most heinous crimes in American history has never been solved.

Some of Our Research:
Newspaper coverage from the time
The story and suspects
The house today

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