Lost treasures

yamashitas gold

Prior to and continuing through WWII, Japanese forces occupied a huge swath of East Asia, from which they looted a fantastic amount of gold, silver and gems. Much of the treasure was shipped to the Philippines for re-shipment to Japan, but as the US Navy encircled Japan shipping became too risky. With allied forces prepared to invade the Philippines, General Tomoyuki Yamashita hatched a plan to hide the treasure from them.

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Strange disappearances

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zebb quinn

After receiving a mysterious page on January 2, 2000, Zebb Quinn cancelled his plans with a friend and drove away, never to be seen again. His car was found two weeks later in a parking lot with lips drawn on the rear window. He has never been found, and despite other suspects, the last person to see him alive was arrested just this year for murdering a Food Network star.

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