Unexplained deaths

In April 1943 a woman’s skeleton was discovered in a hole in a hollow tree in England; months later, mysterious graffiti began to appear which gave the corpse a name. The graffiti, and the investigation, continued for decades, but no one has ever identified the mysterious “Bella” in the Wych Elm… or her murderer.

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The monument in question
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Strange seas

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Salish Sea Feet

In August 2007, a severed foot in a running shoe washed up on a beach on the Salish Sea (in Canada). Since then, 12 more feet have been found. The likelihood of finding two feet in this situations is estimated at one in a million. Four of the feet have been identified, the rest belong to persons unknown. Why are these severed feet washing ashore in this location?

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Unexplained deaths

Princes in the tower

In the summer of 1483 the 12 year old boy king of England, Edward V, and his 9 year old brother Richard, Duke of York, were moved into the Tower of London by their uncle the future king Richard III. The boys were never seen alive again. Bones were found in the Tower of London 200 years later that are believed to be theirs but the real question is what happened to them and whodunnit?

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