Amazing coincidences

Time Travelers

In this episode we look into three popular stories of time travelers and try to see what is really there.

Rudolph Fentz
Rudolph Fentz
A man dressed in 1800’s clothes appears our of thin air in New York in 1950 and is struck by a cab. Based on what is found in his pockets and a tireless police officers search it appears he came from 1876?
Wanting to believe
Not wanting to believe

The Man From Taured

Stopped by Japanese customs officials in 1954 a strange man, claiming that he hails from a country named Taured, is questioned and then disappears in the night.
Inclined to time-slips
Disinclined to time-slips

John Titor
John Titor was active on several time travel forums between 2000-2001 claiming to be from 2036. After explaining why he was here and making many predictions for our future he, as he said he would, leaves our timeline.
The Official site
Maybe not his first time here?